Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A childhood favourite

I have had to admit , I really have loved watching the growing relationship my two boys have really developed this year  they really are best of mates most of the times ( they do fight to ) . My favourite thing is to watch there little games and there pretend play it takes me back to my childhood . Our La de dah kids Crochet animal masks have been the perfect accessory to encourage this play. Whilst my two year old wears the Zebra mask and makes the sound of the Cat my 4 year old gives the roar of a lion and they run and crawl and play games both inside and out . Whilst the weather is changing these masks and tail sets are the perfect entertainment  for that inside play . These mask and tail sets are also small and light which makes them perfect to takeaway on holidays or post as a special gift . How do you keep your kids entertained on the inside days ?

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