Friday, February 13, 2015

Your style - In Focus

We are so excited to be introducing a new monthly section on our blog . We are constantly inspired by some of our beautiful customers and there beautiful styling skills. We thought it would be great to meet and get to know a little bit more about these super talented mums . Our First Mum is Candice and she is the inspiring mum behind the beautiful Instagram @arabella_and_poppy.

 Tell us a bit about where you live ?
We are from Melbourne and live in a beautiful area filled with lots of trees and hills. It's very much a little world of it's own. It's close to all things busy yet you could almost say we live in the bush. 

Tell us a bit about you and your family:'m Candice and I'm 31. I love all things bright and colourful and enjoy any sort of interior styling. I'm very much an amateur however one day I hope maybe to make a career out of it. I especially love childrens interiors. I have the most wonderful better half Nathan who always supports any crazy ideas I have lol. We have 2 beautiful little girls. Arabella is 3 and just started Kinder and Poppy will be 2 in June. Poppy likes to do anything her big sister does. Both my girls would live outside if we let them :)

 What is your inspiration behind your kid’s rooms?
 All my inspiration for the girls room (my girls share) comes from all the wonderful designers and talented mummas on Instagram. 

Where is your favorite source of inspiration for the kid’s rooms? Magazines, blogs, instagram?
My fave source is most certainly Instagram. I was new to Instagram mid last year and between then and I now I have formed friends with extremely kind, supportive and talented mummas all ove the world. We all inspire each other in not just design but parenthood also. 

Favourite thing to do as a family:
 Our fave thing to do as a family would have to be watch Disney movies. Our girls are at an age now that they enjoy watching movies. Nathan and I are both big personalities so there's often a chance a few tunes will be belted out during a movie. Our kids love us regardless of the fact we both usually make a huge fool of ourselves singing lol! 

Favourite travel or holiday destination?
 We have only been on a couple of holidays as a family and we have absolutely loved them all. I am not a huge beach person however we had a ball when we went up to the central coast of NSW to visit Nathan's family �� The girls love the beach :) 

List of loves as a family:
As a family we love watching movies, singing, spending time together, going on family dates, hanging out with our extended families, Arabella LOVES birthdays and we all love spending time with our amazing friends .We recently visited the Zoo and had so much fun. We can't wait to do that again :) 

Favourite weekend activity:
 Lately with the warmer weather we have loved getting our sprinkler out and letting the girls and Nathan run wild lol! I prefer to watch on and take photos haha.

How do you celebrate birthdays and special days with your kids ?
 Birthdays are huge in our house hold. Arabella loves them so much. We always have a party with decorations and party hats. We make a big deal for whoever is celebrating their birthday. We do this for our extended family also. Arabella loves parties and I love decorating, it would be silly not to have a party lol.

What does a typical day in your life involve?
A typical day in our house would be waking up between between 8/8:30 sometimes earlier, sometimes later but roughly then. The girls have a bottle or milk in a cup and I make them some peanut butter toast. They have their fathers genes and take about 2 hours to fully wake up so I pop the telly on and let them get out of their grump. Depending on the bath situation we may have a bath, they LOVE it! It's such an awesome activity. It's great having the girls so close as there is always someone to play with. After a bath and maybe a photo shoot lol, we may draw, dance, jump on the bed, play in the play room and help mummy hang out the washing. Lately I've been getting the girls to help me cook. I'm not very good but looking to expand my skills. They are really enjoying it. Poppy still naps and Arabella has quiet time. By the time 5:00pm comes around I have no idea where the day went. Dinner, sometimes a bath and pjs before bedtime. Bedtime is about 8pm for our girls. I've tried earlier however they wake up in the middle of the night and party lol! 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

La De Dah Kids New Season Range

La de dah Kids New Season is here . 

This season, we are taking a trip down memory lane. We are off to a time when our toys really were Superheros and we made friends with Dragons and had talking Horses. Remember how colourful and alive our favourite toys were? Our winter range brings to life once more the joys of a child with a special toy.


We must not forget the return of our bunny family. New members are here complete with a lifetime of cuddles and room for many secrets. Easter will be so much more special when the chocolate is long gone, a mischievous little playmate will remain.

La De Dah Kids are not just about toys, we love our homewares too. Our floor rugs have long been a favourite and this season our collection will not disappoint. Vintage mix-ups and gorgeous metallics combine with new designs and top ups of faithfuls from seasons past.

What room would be complete without a clock with personality? We have introduced four new characters to brighten any wall space. Everybody is loving all things industrial and our crochet pendant lights add a little funky nostalgia to your trendy space. Banners are the new bunting! Add a spunky banner or beautiful word chain to bring Jr.’s room to life.

Storage, we are always looking for storage that you don’t have to hide under the bed or on the top shelf at the back of the wardrobe. Our baskets are back, with new colour combinations and our popular staples add to your chosen colour palette.

Don’t forget the stunning blankets in blacks, mints and pinks. These are perfect for cooler nights and always at the ready at the end of the bed or cot.

A few people to thank for the shoot are  Eve Wilson for the Photography and Paige Anderson  for the styling . 

Some of our beautiful fellow creatives who helped make this photo shoot are : 

Incy interiors for  the black bed featured in the kids room . 

Lilly and Lolly for the very cute beside table 

Hk Living for the industrial white beside table .

Also huge thanks to the parents and all our beautiful models Isla , Dylan , Chanel and Patrick and Danielle from Iconic Agency for all her assistance .

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Unicorn rainbow

Our favourite Unicorns are on their way back to La De dah kids head quarters and we could not be more excited . Our favourites Jess , Stella and  Ava unicorn  will all return and be looking for loving homes like their fellow unicorns below . Pre- ordering starts this morning with all unicorns being ready for dispatch the beginning of Feb .

In other La De Dah kids news we are busy putting together some new product lines that we cannot wait to bring you later in the year . If you are also interested in all the latest La De Dah kids news be sure to sign up to our blog and also our newsletter . 

Happy Holidays x

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year .

Happy New year !!! 

So exited for 2015 . We have been been soaking up some family time while putting together the final touches on our new range that will be released the first week in February. We have also been  creating all our new designs for the 2015 / 2016 season . 

La de dah kids  have lots of projects to share this year along with some inspiring interviews and hot travel spots . So stay tuned as the La de Dah kids blog is set to be posting on some fun things to do and see this year in 2015 . Mark it on your must read list and also follow along for your daily inspiration and 
La de Dah kids happenings on Instagram @ladedahkids.

Happy Holidays .

La de dah kids 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Why is Black Back ?

11)  Sebbie shark

 First of all, let’s just say we are back! Back in the land of Blog. We have lots of new creatures to introduce and amazing things to share.
Welcome old friends and new, La De Dah Kids is a buzz with creativity at the moment and what a place to be.

What’s with all the bells about black and white? Well, it’s only the very latest chic thing to do in your bubba’s bedroom. Setting up a nursery is a new mum’s right of passage. Selecting a cot, paint colour, prints, floor coverings and just the right soft toys to welcome your little one home is all part of the “nesting” of a mum-to-be.

However, what have we had to choose from? Good old lemon or mint? Please, its been done to death. How about something fresh and funky? Yes, please! Hello, we are not embracing Goth for Tots. It’s about pairing things back, lots of white and just a little black for definition. Then we add pops of colour and texture to make it soft and homey for the little one. Lots of layers and chunky knits, rugs, cushions, prints and maybe some timber to warm it up a little.

If you are not sure what you are having then getting the basics down before bubs arrival is the most important part. Adding the colour later is also heaps of fun. I know I went on a pink rampage when my daughter arrived.

What do we love at La De Dah? We love the black round floor mat. It’s been out of stock for a while but will be back next month. With tones of black cream and grey, it’s great for either girls or boys.
Storage, we love storage and there is never enough. Our crochet storage baskets are fantastic for all of baby’s very necessary “stuff.” Then as baby grows, they can be used as toys start to accumulate. Baskets come in black, cream and black and white stripe.

  Everyone loves an heirloom. Why not start a tradition in your own home? We have the most divine cream and black throws, all hand made and 100% cotton. Perfect for the rocking chair to cuddle under during late night visits to your nursery.

Accessories are what give personality to a room. We all love a nice garland, how about a La De Dah word banner to make a statement in your child’s bedroom? This season we have also introduced our super funky industrial crochet light for a little bit of wow.

Lastly but absolutely not least are our adorable softies. This week Sebbie Shark, Sammy Snail and Wolfie have come to play happy families in our gorgeous monochrome room.

Written by Amanda Hunter 

Monday, February 10, 2014

New season range

Happy New Year ! Better late then never . We have been very busy over what has been the christmas break working on next years Christmas range , and getting all the nuts and bolts together for our newly released Autumn / Winter range . The beautiful imagery was photographed by Tara Pearce and styled by Sami Johnson.
We are super excited to launch our new range which is now available through our webstore and some of our lovely stockists who have been fast off the mark and already have the range in store . 

Our new large softy range consist of the magical and the pre-historic inspired animals . We have included some great boys and girls options to compliment our range . 

We also took on all your feedback and we have some great Easter options available this year scary to think that we are already thinking about Easter I know . We have two new bunnies in the large softie range billie and bonnie , We have some mask and tail sets and some beautiful wall hangings which we are super excited to Launch . We think that these wall hangings can bring a sprinkle of magic to any child's room or nursery . 

Our biggest expansion is our headwear range .( So hard to think about beanies when we are sweltering through some very hot summer days ). We listened to the feedback and we now have increased our range and our size range . 

All our beanies are made from 100 % percent cotton no synthetic yarns .

All our La De Dah kids products continue to be ethically made in China . We now have nearly 200 women whom we support in flexible working condition enabling these women to work from home around their childcare needs . We are incredibly proud to work with such talented women . 

We hope you love the new range as much as we have creating it .

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