Wednesday, April 27, 2011

happy easter

Happy Easter !!! Hope everyone had a great Easter / Anzac Day break . Have had a well overdue break in the country with the family . My Easter break has included easter egg hunts , visits to the farm to see rice being harvested ( which is an exciting thing considering we have been in drought for so many years ) many long days in the sun and an exciting day at the Little birdy market in Echuca where I met some great people .I hope everyone had a great easter and have had fun eating as much chocolate as I have ...

Friday, April 15, 2011

family home tour

I have been incredibly slack on the family home photos . I love the yellow highlights in this family home check it out . I discovered it on the pillarbox website

fabric games

I love these fabric keepsake games . The indoor cubby house made to go over a kitchen table , The fabric hopscotch and the great puppet theatre wall . How it takes me back to my childhood we used to do puppet shows and charge the parents to attend . Check out the images I found on little loveable blog .

Monday, April 11, 2011

customised Monkey

I had to include some images of a custom necktie we have done for one our lovely customers and her little girl for Easter . I have to say a great part of doing markets is meeting some great people .

Please drop me a message if you would like any of our toys customised we will do everything possible to please .

But you will have to agree it looks super cute !

new beach boy

Well it has finally happened ... after squeezing every last drop from the warm weather our first born son is finally not scared of waves in fact we could not get him out of the waves . Had a great weekend enjoying some quality family time at the beach ... Yep we are loving it .

Thursday, April 7, 2011

the lived in look

Loving this image discovered in T design the lived in look . I can definitely say I am very glad this look is back with two small children at home I am loving the lived in look . Take a peak.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jennifer Delonge

As part of the movement in modern family design Jennifer Delonge's portfolio is a must to check out . I have included some image from her folio . Who said ever said that having a family home cannot be stylish I love it ...

Great Little girl items

It always amazes me the amazing accessorie lines that are out there for little people . I have put together some great girls Accessories from an online shop in New York . What can I say I love little people accessories . Check out Pink Chicken for more amzing finds .

Friday, April 1, 2011

family home tour

Could not resist posting about Louise Bell from Table tonic previous family home it is beautiful and so many unique touches . I particularly love the shelving in her son Jaspers room . Check it out in this months Home Ideas magazine.

1st April

I cannot believe that summer is nearly a distant memory ... and we are already in April where have the last few months gone ?? Any way to savour the last of the little warmth we have left we headed to the beach last night - to feast on fish and chips . Making the most of the lengthy daylight before we switch this weekend . Enjoy the last few days of extra sunshine ....

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