Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yarn Bombing

O.k so we see the term thrown around with some images but what is Yarn Bombing? The simple answer it is a type of Graffiti or street art but rather than using paint the art employs beautiful displays of yarn either knitted or Crocheted . I have enclosed some great examples found via pin interest. Do you have a favourite ? Have you seen any yarn bombing in your neighbourhood ?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Knit / Crochet chairs

How amazing are these chairs - found via Etsy. There is over 30 hours of work and 1500 yards of yarn . Love them!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Crochet / knit playground

No words needed .This amazing crochet/knit structure of this playground was created by Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuvhi-Mac Adam. The artist had to order her yarns by the ton . Simply amazing I love and another reason why I really need to visit Japan .images found via here

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What is in the rattle ?

It is funny the questions you get asked about your products. But one of the commonly asked questions is what is in our handrattles ? So here is a blog post as a reference for all questions asked in relation to our handrattles . What are they made of ? All our products are made from 100% cotton yarn . This yarn has been chosen as I believe it to be the most durable and kid friendly of yarns. This is important as the handrattles will be chewed on , pulled etc. The yarns do get dirty so it is important to use a medium that is both durable and practical . How do you wash them ? Our products can be hand washed or put in a delicate bag on a wool cycle . Our products are designed to be played with so they will get dirty - however they do wash extremely well. Where do the ideas come from ? Our first ever handrattle was designed out of a need to find cute , durable and practical handrattles for little babies when they are first learning to grab . Many of the products on the market where simply to big in circumference for a little 8 week old to hold on to . Most of our designs come from our bigger toys that are inspired by books and my kids interests. What is inside them ? We have small little plastic bells inside as per the photograph shows . This is done again for washing purposes and safety . The filling is a cotton poly filling again chosen for practicality and also washing properties . Why do all the bells sound different do you use different bells? We use the same bell for all our handrattles but because the rattle are different shapes they have different amount of fillings which affect the sound of the rattle . Are they safe ? Our products are all designed to be safe for a baby with all of our yarns colour fast ( meaning the colour will not run )

Very cool retro

This room is amazing - I love retro . If you have seen our latest photo shoot and also a sneak peak of our props at markets it is no secret I love retro . When I stumbled across this cover from Anthropology I simply could not share it .I love the art and all the furniture what a beautiful room . What do you think and what is your favourite style ?

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Special day out

So from the previous post you may know that my oldest turned 4 and his only wish was to drive a car .mmm yep he is 4 years old and car made so we thought Luna Park and Dodgem cars . The only problem was upon arrival he did not meet the height restrictions - really should check these details before heading off. We did have an amazing day the weather held out and he got to enjoy many rides it really was a fun day out the boys loved it !

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A market and a birthday

Sorry a little late on this post . Hope everyone had a great long weekend . We had another busy weekend we headed up to Canberra late Friday night for a market Saturday and Sunday . We had a great market and was really great having that face to face time with people that are inspired and love our products . It is always worth the trip when you have amazing customers that appreciate the time and effort of your product . Mr T and I take turns on our market stand as we travel with the two little ones and it is just the two of us so we both get a turn of some time with the kids and on the stand . So a huge thanks to everyone that popped by our said hello and supported our little business. On a personal note our first born turned 4 which is huge - for us the years are flying by . I realised it had also been a while since i have picked up the camera so am going to make a big effort to pick up the camera and capture some more of those precious moments . Unfortunately I didn't manage any photos of our stand in Canberra but I did manage a few from a little persons 4th birthday dinner .

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Somethings from the past few days

It has been a busy few days? but is there any other kind . We have been locked up inside and enjoying some indoor activities like cooking and cars , indoor cubby houses and more indoor cubby houses my lounge room looks like blanket and chair city .I remember how much fun I had building these cubby houses as a kid. How do you keep your little ones entertained in this cold weather ? We also attended a teddy Bear picnic for a friends 2 yr old party . Each of the boys got a beautiful set of ears and a very cute drawn on nose couldn't resist posting some photos . On a La de dah kids front I have been putting the final touches on some goodies for Christmas . I am so excited about these little gift sets for kids. Stay tuned for more information . We are also in the process of changing over the website to be a bit more interactive and have a little bit more information on it for our customers and our retailers any feedback would be great. Next years winter range is in the beginning stages and as promised I will be posting our updates . This weekend we are heading off to Canberra for a long weekend for the Handmade market . If you are close by we are there both Saturday and Sunday and would love to see you -so plese come and say hello . What are your plans for the long weekend ?

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