Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's a wrap !

The weather has turned  down south here in Australia and quite often you find yourself needing a warm , easy to launder and versatile blanket for a baby or  toddler.

Our blankets have been designed and made to fit all of the above needs . Drawing from my own personal experience as a mother I found it hard to find the perfect knitted blanket and these are some of the qualities I was looking for and our new blankets now have :

- Can be a great stroller blanket . We had one of our blankets that stayed in the car . It worked for all different purposes a change matt when I got desperate. A blanket to shade the sun , a warm pusher blanket that also looks good and a warm blanket to wrap over the babies when they have fallen asleep from the winter cold in their car seat .

- A great cot blanket . The size of our blanket even works well over the foot of the cot when the babies are small .

- 100% cotton . I needed a blanket that when it was warm did not itch my babies skin . My oldest child got eczema and still does so I needed something that would be gentle on his skin and not irritate the condition .
- Easy to Launder . A huge selling point for me . Our blanket can be washed on a wool cycle in the machine and launder up looking like new . This was a huge benefit especially with all the extra washing a baby has.

- Wrapping . These blankets are the perfect wrapping size and they also have a little stretch .

If you have one of our blankets I would love to hear your feedback . We are super excited about these well designed and practical blankets and the make the perfect new born present with this colder weather .

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  1. I like all these color combinations.Its looking very attractive.These blankets are with soft materials.that's' why it is preferable for kids.

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