Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kids In Style

I apologise for the lack of blog posts to say that it has been crazy is a little bit of understatement . We launched our new winter season two weeks ago and we have had great success with it the response from Retailers and customers has been amazing - with some of the favourite items already being sold out .

With this success has meant extremely long working hours we are talking some 16 hour days ...yep long and as you can see the extreme dark lines around the eyes are starting to show.  I cannot thank you enough for the growing support and feedback with regards to our range . I  simply love creating something special , and i believe that is what we have created with La de Dah kids . The trip to Sydney  was well worth it to  catch up with our existing and new customers . I also feel like I have made some life long friends with some of the other exhibitors it really is a community of creative folk  and one that I am very proud to part of .

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dulux Paint Campaign

How cute are these beautiful rooms styled by the talented Heather Nette King . See if you can spot the La De Dah kids products . We where extremely excited to have our products included - thank-you . 
Included our Grey floor matt 

Included our spot floor matt and also pink spot blanket . On the right Our grey monkey and blue owl  

Our Pink owl 

Our white floor matt . 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our New Floor Rugs

I am super excited to be launching our three new floor rug designs . We have added a splash of colour to get you through the cooler months . Our floor rugs although obviously named have also had some creative other purposes from our customers . We have seen our white floor rugs used as a table runner, we have seen them used to decorate the ends of beds and we have also seen them as a feature over the back of the couch . What would you use them for ? Our winter shoot with Tara Pearce photography saw the kids having some fun dressing up with them who would have thought . Below I have put some commonly asked questions about our floor rugs and some answers . If there is something I have missed always happy to help .

Do the floor matts have a backing ? 
Our floor matts do not have the backing on them due to the intricate design of the crochet we did not want the backing to be visible . As mentioned above by leaving the backing off these rugs it also gives there a dual purpose and easier to launder - which brings me to the next commonly asked question .

Can these rugs be washed ? 
The rugs like all our products are 100% cotton . I choose cotton as yarn of choice due to children's allergies , durability and also with kids products most importantly wash ability .

These rugs can be washed - hand washed due to the delicate construction of the matt with a mild detergent. With these matt's I then place mine on a wool cycle in the machine to spin . This is because of the weight once wet and also so it can be dried . I recommend you do this only if you have a front loader .

I then dry my mat flat on a clothes hoist .

I am hoping these answer a few questions and also helps with some creative uses for our Floor matts . If you have another creative use for them I would love to hear it .

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Season sneak peak

We are putting the finishing touches on all our range catalogues , internet loadings etc . It really is both exciting and nervous as you never know how your new seasons work will be received by others . Creating the range is a long process and it is like a baby that you nurture for a whole year before anyone else sees it. As I put together the new seasons range  the sense of accomplishment is huge as I look back on the previous seasons and see how many of our lovely products have made it into homes- thank you . We hope you love our new range it will be available in our web shop from next week .We hope you enjoy our new woodland creatures and welcome some old and some of our new little creatures into your homes .

++Huge thanks has to be said to the talented Tara Pearce for great photos and also to the 3 incredible models and their  lovely mother for getting up so early and helping us out .

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