Saturday, June 22, 2013

Great Places to visit in Thailand .

It has been a very busy couple of weeks and we are back to late nights and early mornings hence the lack of blogging but as promised I will finish the great places to visit in Thailand. This post is the final Instalment of our visit to Chiangmai . Hopefully it gives you an insight into how much of our ranges are inspired by travel , the animals we see and the experiences we have . Our life travels very much intertwine with the love and passion we design with  for our La De dah kids products .  

Saturday night market 

Maesa elephant camp 

Maesa elephant camp 

Love the texture of the skin and the cute as tails 

Seb checking out the elephant's artwork 

Enjoying the elephant ride 

The view from an elephant's back 

Long neck Karen Village

Long neck Karen Village
Tiger Sanctuary in Kanchanaburi
Tiger Sanctuary in Kanchanaburi
Mae Sa Waterfall 

- We hired a private taxi with air conditioning . This made it easier to get around with the kids and it also gave us the flexibility if the kids where tired that we could miss some of the activities we had planned for the day . It worked really well and it is incredibly cheap . 

- We visited the Saturday and Sunday night markets both of which where very large and had great local Thai craft available for buying . The fresh fruit shakes where also a great treat for all the family . 

- Maesa Elephant camp was a great introduction to being up close with the elephants . The kids where a little overwhelmed by the size but after riding around on an elephant they where in love . I really loved doing this with the kids there questions about an elephant where endless . 

- Long neck Karen Village - this was a village  which was home to the Long Neck karen . You got to see the  women producing some of there Local Thai crafts in which you could buy. The colours of the yarns they where using where really out of this world . 

-  Tiger Sanctuary in Kanchanaburi province, This was recommended by so many people . We stopped and had lunch here where you can also watch the Tigers up very close. We opted not to enter the enclosure with our over tired children . Most visitors enter the enclosures and you can pat a tiger . A once in a life time experience . 

- Our final stop on the day trip was Mae Sa waterfall - surprisingly the kids really loved this . It is a little stroll down to the waterfall and the boys where straight in the water . It certainly gave a welcome cool down to a very hot day . 

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