Thursday, August 16, 2012

The art in a Keepsake toy .

Sorry for the blog overload today but there has been a few discoveries that I have been wanting to share . I recently heard about an exhibition called Doudou Forever at children’s shop Un Zèbre au Grenier in Paris. It featured a series of portraits by French photographer Bénédicte Lassalle called ‘Mine Forever‘, capturing people’s soft toys – or as the French refer to them as ‘doudous’. I think she captures the essence of a well loved toy. Every adult I speak to has a story about a child and their well loved toy . I hope that our La de dah softies and toys will also have beautiful stories to tell as they enter peoples home and become well loved toys for many years to come . There has been much debate whether a soft toy will become a thing of the past with technology fast advancing ? Do you think a little persons soft toy will ever be replaced ? Do you think that there is an item that can replace the soft toy ? In our house with a recent bout of sickness our little people not only play and interact with there soft toys but find comfort and warmth in the days they are sick . There is always a place for a soft toy in our house for both play and comfort.

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