Monday, August 6, 2012

Kids In style in review

Sorry for being absent from the blog for a while - but it has been a huge couple of weeks. We participated in our first ever Melbourne Kids In style our second trade show . Have put up a little photo of our stand - sorry only managed to get a small snap on the phone . Was happy with the way our stand turned out considering there was a time a couple of days before that I thought we may not have a stand. When it rains it snows as it does for many other working parents and small children but in the lead up to the fair we had one sick little boy . Friends and strangers generosity in their support has amazed me over the last few days. Thank you you know who you are and if you are reading this biggest thanks . There will be some La de dah goodies dotted around the country some returning retailers and some new. We will update our supplier list in the coming weeks so please get down to that beautiful corner store selling beautiful wares and support them . Times are tough and what would we do without these beautiful retailers . For our followers please stay tuned for some new wares in the coming weeks .

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