Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What is in the rattle ?

It is funny the questions you get asked about your products. But one of the commonly asked questions is what is in our handrattles ? So here is a blog post as a reference for all questions asked in relation to our handrattles . What are they made of ? All our products are made from 100% cotton yarn . This yarn has been chosen as I believe it to be the most durable and kid friendly of yarns. This is important as the handrattles will be chewed on , pulled etc. The yarns do get dirty so it is important to use a medium that is both durable and practical . How do you wash them ? Our products can be hand washed or put in a delicate bag on a wool cycle . Our products are designed to be played with so they will get dirty - however they do wash extremely well. Where do the ideas come from ? Our first ever handrattle was designed out of a need to find cute , durable and practical handrattles for little babies when they are first learning to grab . Many of the products on the market where simply to big in circumference for a little 8 week old to hold on to . Most of our designs come from our bigger toys that are inspired by books and my kids interests. What is inside them ? We have small little plastic bells inside as per the photograph shows . This is done again for washing purposes and safety . The filling is a cotton poly filling again chosen for practicality and also washing properties . Why do all the bells sound different do you use different bells? We use the same bell for all our handrattles but because the rattle are different shapes they have different amount of fillings which affect the sound of the rattle . Are they safe ? Our products are all designed to be safe for a baby with all of our yarns colour fast ( meaning the colour will not run )

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