Thursday, June 14, 2012

A market and a birthday

Sorry a little late on this post . Hope everyone had a great long weekend . We had another busy weekend we headed up to Canberra late Friday night for a market Saturday and Sunday . We had a great market and was really great having that face to face time with people that are inspired and love our products . It is always worth the trip when you have amazing customers that appreciate the time and effort of your product . Mr T and I take turns on our market stand as we travel with the two little ones and it is just the two of us so we both get a turn of some time with the kids and on the stand . So a huge thanks to everyone that popped by our said hello and supported our little business. On a personal note our first born turned 4 which is huge - for us the years are flying by . I realised it had also been a while since i have picked up the camera so am going to make a big effort to pick up the camera and capture some more of those precious moments . Unfortunately I didn't manage any photos of our stand in Canberra but I did manage a few from a little persons 4th birthday dinner .

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