Thursday, March 12, 2015

Your style in Focus

We are loving getting to know the creative women behind some amazing Instagram feeds . Todays interview is with Mandy @mandymk79. Mandy now has her own interiors business ( Interiors by Mandy ) and we love the rooms that she creates be sure to check out her beautiful Instagram. 

 Tell us a bit about where you live?
 We live in little old Adelaide…. The state that is so small everyone knows each other some way or another… but we love it!

Tell us a bit about you and your family:
I am just your typical girl next door with an absolute passion for Interior Design and beautiful things! I have the most supportive and gorgeous hubby who is my best friend we’ve been together since we were 18 and now we have 3 beautiful little angels that are all ours! We feel very blessed!

 What is your inspiration behind your kid’s rooms?

My kids are definitely my inspiration behind it all.  Loving beautiful things and having a very high standard of my home and myself!  My mum was always cleaning and making sure the house was perfect when I was little so I definitely get it from her! I’ve always had this natural talent in putting things together and they just seem to look great! They say we all have a calling and this is definitely mine!

Where is your favorite source of inspiration for the kid’s rooms? Magazines, blogs, instagram?
Its definitely Instagram… its actually become part of my daily routine….hehe I think I might be addicted to it but who can blame me look at all the amazing small businesses out there and amazing talented mummies…. We’re all a little family and we all support each other!

 Favourite thing to do as a family:
 Anything out doors…. We are very active and love the beach…. We hire a beach house at least twice a year and the kids and us just love hanging out down the beach, fishing, snorkelling, crabbing, canoeing.. It’s our little getaway!

Favourite travel or holiday destination?
Definitely our Beach House at Black Point SA.

 List of loves as a family:
 Beach, bike riding, bbq ‘s with friends and family.

Favourite weekend activity:
 Snuggling up on a Sunday Morning with the kids, we all jump into our bed and we watch TV its so lovely not having to get up and race around getting ready for school and work, we just laze around cooking Sunday breaky and being silly! It’s about quality not quantity and the kids just love us all being home together.

How do you celebrate birthdays and special days with your kids?
 Every Birthday we do up the Kitchen table (as that’s the room the kids doors are off of) we set it up with heaps of balloons and presents of their favourite theme at the time and just sing to them as they wake up! I have done this every birthday since they have been born and they love it!

 What does a typical day in your life involve?
 Its amazingly busy just like all mums with 3 children…… some days I think WOW how did I get through today and I’m very proud!  Having 3 children in 4 years definitely has its moments full of demands and pressures and can be quite testing but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world! They are our absolute blessings and a little smile, cuddle or an “I love you mummy” makes it all worth it and nothing else matters.


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