Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our New Floor Rugs

I am super excited to be launching our three new floor rug designs . We have added a splash of colour to get you through the cooler months . Our floor rugs although obviously named have also had some creative other purposes from our customers . We have seen our white floor rugs used as a table runner, we have seen them used to decorate the ends of beds and we have also seen them as a feature over the back of the couch . What would you use them for ? Our winter shoot with Tara Pearce photography saw the kids having some fun dressing up with them who would have thought . Below I have put some commonly asked questions about our floor rugs and some answers . If there is something I have missed always happy to help .

Do the floor matts have a backing ? 
Our floor matts do not have the backing on them due to the intricate design of the crochet we did not want the backing to be visible . As mentioned above by leaving the backing off these rugs it also gives there a dual purpose and easier to launder - which brings me to the next commonly asked question .

Can these rugs be washed ? 
The rugs like all our products are 100% cotton . I choose cotton as yarn of choice due to children's allergies , durability and also with kids products most importantly wash ability .

These rugs can be washed - hand washed due to the delicate construction of the matt with a mild detergent. With these matt's I then place mine on a wool cycle in the machine to spin . This is because of the weight once wet and also so it can be dried . I recommend you do this only if you have a front loader .

I then dry my mat flat on a clothes hoist .

I am hoping these answer a few questions and also helps with some creative uses for our Floor matts . If you have another creative use for them I would love to hear it .


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