Monday, October 15, 2012

Returning to a medium pace

Life is slowly returning to a medium pace run rather than a sprint . The last couple of months have been a crazy sprint for all of us on a personal and a business level .

La de dah kids has been sprinting along not that there has been many visual to represent this but to say that it has been frantic behind the scenes has been an understatement . We are heading towards the silly season and there is much packing , invoicing and order finalising . It really is an exciting time and I am excited and inspired everyday to create new and beautiful things . The above image shows our colour palette and lab dips of our new range for winter 2013. It is a little brighter and we have added a lot more red as requested by many of our customers. We are now finalising all our colours and just working on some new packaging - which to be honest is a huge work in process .

Do you have a favourite Australian native animal that you would like to see in our La de Dah range ?

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