Wednesday, May 23, 2012

amazing knit stools

How amazing are these knit stools by Irish Claire O'Brien they are devine . I love the idea of working with a medium and stretchy the imagination to all kinds of objects.The mind boggles with inspiration and for me I find it everywhere . My mind races at night. Unfortunately I wish there was also an endless supply of money and time to fuel these mind boggling ideas ....mmmm one day . Check out Claire's work here


  1. Man, these are rad!!!! Misssed you at Mathilda's lst Sat, butyou didn't miss much, same stale turn out as last timewe met. I adore that Mat I saw in 'RL' How do I purchase one for my beach house!!! xx

  2. Hi , so good to hear from you have been tossing up whether to head back to sydney again will do for the end of the year i think . The floor rugs have been very popular just in box me and i can sort you out : . Hope all is going well with the family and the beach shack I love it are you going to be hiring it out ?


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