Monday, April 30, 2012

Some things that happened last week .

It is so weird I have really been pondering over the direction I should take the blog . Recently it has been a lot of family happy snaps and not so much about the creative side of the business - which is a little bit why I started the blog but not the entire reason . Then I got thinking what do I love about a blog ? I love getting to know a person ? there different tastes ? a little bit about there business it is a whole lot of things that make me read a blog . So whilst I wok out what and where this blog is going I am going to post some even more happy snaps . The happy snaps of my Boys that inspire me in all aspects of my life and every day . This week my two children had there first professional haircuts yep even the nearly four year old . I would love to hear your feedback on what you would like to see from my blog . Have a great week - mine will be busy with some upcoming markets.
I almost forgot how great is the hoodie . I finally got both of the boys a hoodie from the very talented paul and paula clothing some great designs for boys . My boys loved there hoodies and there where loud roars to go with them .

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