Sunday, March 20, 2011


Could not pass this weekend with a blog post so much is happening . Have been busy preparing for next weekends market in Bendigo very excited that it will be the first time to show our small toys at a market fingers crossed . I also popped into the geelong picadilly market which was held in a fantastic venue on the waterfront . I must admit the plan was to go and look but could not resist the purchase of some very cute cards designed by Jedda Robaard they are adorable check out her blog and the photos I have enclosed . The weekend was topped off with a lovely lunch on Saturday at George from Masterchef's latest resturant Hellenic Republic. The food was delicious , the atmosphere relaxed and the company what more can I say perfect . Happy birthday Lisa !. And one last Photo of Ollie as he has just began to smile and in a rare moment I managed to catch one of these special milestones on film ... The perfect end to a great Weekend .

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