Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bali oasis

So we finally did it!! We have now convinced ourselves that we can still do it TRAVEL ,with a child/ infant ... It was liberating and we enjoyed every minute sharing one of our big loves with our son . We met travelling and it has been a big part in our lives so far . I hope that you enjoy this post as much as we did discovering Ubud.
Ubud is a remarkable place in the middle of the island of Bali. For more than a century, it has been the island's preeminent centre for fine arts, dance and music. Ubud is arguably the best place to use as a base if you're visiting Bali; if you're looking for culture, comfort, nature and inspiration. Ubud is surrounded by most of the things that bring people to Bali -- scenic rice fields, small villages, art and craft communities, ancient temples, palaces.
Another surprise was our trip co-insidered with one of Bali’s big holidays. We watched the beginning of an Ogoh ogoh parades. The aim is to confuse the bad spirits of the island. At the end of the processions, the effigies are burned in big fires.
Nyepi follows the next day. Bali's new year is marked by a day of silence when people stay inside their homes and in our case a hotel. Part of the tradition of this is intended to confuse any remaining bad spirit, making them think that the island is deserted and they too, should leave.Bali in its entirety is deadly silent for the whole day.There is no traffic, no work, and no entertainment, and no lights illuminate the night. It really was a day of rest and weird to hear the bustling street noises in complete silence for a whole day.

Our favourite things to do in ubud include :
1. Ubuds monkey forest
2. Wonder the many streets and find cute alleyway resturants
3.Greenfields hotel
4. the new year street parade
5. shopping

Enjoy .

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