Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cubby house first project for the new year .

We have been pondering cubby houses for some time now . We have debated buying a kit , making one from scratch and also getting my parents at Christmas involved on the project. After a few false starts the project has finally begun .Above is the first of many inspiration photos that we have looked at and debated the pros and cons. However after a few differences of opinion , we came up with our own cubby version suitable and safe to meet the playing needs of our 19 month old boy . Other ideas thrown around where tree houses as we have two large trees in the backyard perfect for a tree house but we both finally agreed on safety and practicality . So above are the first photos of a cubby in the making ....We first built the frame and then attached the flooring and the roof stay tuned for more finished photos to come - enjoy .

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